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In today’s episode, I share the mic with Colin Jones, creator of Blackjack Apprenticeship.

Tune in to hear Colin share tips and tricks to help you hone your card counting skills and win BIG in blackjack, how to strategize and optimize your entrepreneurial game via insights from this ace blackjack player, and the SEO strategy he used to rank #1 for “how to count cards.” Colin Jones: I won about six hundred thousand dollars beating casinos, and then my buddy and I went on and started a team that beat casinos for close to four million dollars over the course of about seven or eight years.

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So if you're ready for a value packed interview, listen on. Eric Siu: Before we jump into today's interview, if you guys could leave a review and a rating and also subscribe as well, that would be a huge help to the podcast. Eric Siu: So I guess, why don't you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do over there at Blackjack Apprenticeship? So how I got into this whole thing is about fifteen years ago I graduated from college with a Math Degree, and I was working at Red Robin, waiting tables, and I had absolutely no ambition.

So if you actually enjoy the content and you'd like to hear more of it, please support us by leaving us a review and subscribe to the podcast as well. All right, everybody today we have Colin Jones, who runs Blackjack Apprenticeship, which allows you to practice your card counting skills and improve your game. And then I met my wife, and we decided to get married, quit our jobs and had no income. When I got into it, I was 22, 23, and I wasn't thinking I was going to do it forever, and it actually a lot longer than I anticipated. Colin Jones: Over time it just seemed to run its course. What do you guys do exactly, how do you guys make money? One is primarily a membership, and the membership has a video course that's like an incredibly ...

And I convinced my wife for me to take $2000 of our savings to try card counting. I got sick of running it, and the core group of players, myself included, we had all run our courses far as the best blackjack games that we could play around the country, and it wasn't as profitable in the last year or two as it had been in the first five or six, and I decided to take the plunge and move onto something else and I don't regret it. it goes everywhere from beginner to all the way to kind of the advanced stuff that a professional card counter would want to know.

A friend had loaned me a book, I read it and I thought hey I'm a math guy, I think I could do this. it's not called like, "The Growth Everywhere - Colin Jones Page 2 of 9 Holy ... Colin Jones: Yes, there's a documentary about the team that we ran called, "Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians" so, my oldest friend was living in LA trying to make documentaries, and he said, "Hey, can I film you guys? I think now it's on Amazon, i Tunes, stuff like that. So if the rest of you want to know the exact story, you can dive into that. There's a forum where people can get questions answered, and share stories and tell all that stuff.

And I didn't want to have to work evenings at a restaurant or anything or become a teacher or something I thought I'd probably hate, so I tried my hand at card counting, it worked, and turned it into a successful living for about ten years playing myself. " And we said, "Yeah, as long as you don't put it out till we give you permission." And he followed our team around for a couple years, and it's kind of fun. It also has a bunch of training drills, and we even have a thing that's like Yelp for card counters, so you can scout out games before you go to a new city.

I won about $600,000 beating casinos, and then my buddy and I went on and started a team that beat casinos for close to $4 million over the course of about seven or eight years. Colin Jones: So we were called, it was kind of a tongue in cheek name, but we were called, "The Church Team" because we had friends from our churches that would ask us if we would train them how to play blackjack, and if they could play on our bankroll, and so it was a friend of ours who said, "What is this? So that's half the business, the other half is what we call Blackjack bootcamps, and these are live events that we host in Vegas. or, we're going to raise our prices soon, but it's an annual. Eric Siu: Great, and then is there a different price for the bootcamp?

And somewhere in the middle there, we thought, let's put this on the internet and behind a paywall, and when I got sick of running a team, I started focusing on Blackjack Apprenticeship where we train others how to legally beat blackjack with card counting. And I get a hand full of professional card counter friends to come and help do hands on training with a group of people, we just had one this last weekend. Growth Everywhere - Colin Jones Page 3 of 9 Colin Jones: Yeah, the bootcamp is $3000 for two days, so it's a lot more expensive, but it's the Holy Grail of card counter training.

Eric Siu: Great, and I mean how many customers or members do you have today, and what do revenues look like?